Updated On: April 23, 2020


Art & Design

All Ages
Create: Learners could build replicas of structures, landforms, etc that they will see – or have seen – in real life.

Language & Thinking


All Ages
Read: Read the most interesting fiction you find taking place in the locations you are going to or passing through.

Writing Nonfiction

Children & Teenagers
Write a Journal Entry: Create a daily driving journal describing how far the family drove, where to, and why.

Life & Home Skills

Children & Teenagers
Plan: The planning and packing needed for travel are great opportunities to practice elective function skills. If time and style lend themselves to it, multiple travel options could be given, and after research the learner or learners could try to persuade others which option is best.


Biology & Human Body

All Ages
Research: If travel to a place with natural phenomena is on your itinerary, learn about the associated ecosystems and natural structures.


All Ages
Explore: “Go there” on Google Earth.

Children & Teenagers
Read: Read the most interesting nonfiction you find about the locations you are going or passing through.

All Ages
Watch: Watch a travel show of the places you are going to or passing through.


Children & Teenagers
Read: Reading about the places you are going could be combined with historical readings of the locations and amount to a rich research and planning task.

Social Sciences


Children & Teenagers
Learn about pricing structures of flights and times when you are most likely to get the best rate. This is an opportune context for exploring supply and demand.


Children & Teenagers
Learn the basics of a foreign language either in preparation for or during a trip somewhere it is spoken. Duolingo is a great, free app with a gamified experience. “Coffeebreak Spanish ” or “Coffeebreak French ” are good podcasts for developing beginning skills in prep for travel and kids enjoy them.

World Cultures

Children & Teenagers
Research / Present: Have each family member do research and present to each other about the culture, history, and historic people of the sites you will be visiting. It will improve everyone’s experience.

How else might important subject matter be learned from this interest topic? Comment below! Half-baked ideas are more than welcome, too.