Updated On: April 21, 2020

Toy Story

Art & Design


Children & Teenagers
Follow Instructions: Follow step-by-step illustration tutorials of Toy Story characters here.

Life & Home Skills

Home Economics

Children & Teenagers
Create a Teachable Moment: If your learner isn’t saving money, yet, then Hamm the piggy bank is a natural conversation starter about the subject. Saving money is a crucial life skill for accumulating wealth and being prepared for rainy days. Deferred gratification separates the successful from everyone else. To bring it to a kid’s level you could compare cheap trinkets with great toys that last and how the only way to buy great things is to use money wisely.

Engineering & Technology

Children & Teenagers
Read: How does an Etch-a-Sketch work? How Stuff Works provides a concise and effective explanation here on that.

Children & Teenagers
Read: How does a Walkie Talkie work? And how is it that they can work in areas where cell phones do not? How Stuff Works provides a thorough explanation on that here.

Children & Teenagers
Watch: How are toys made? What does the manufacturing process look like? This video shows that manufacturing Rex would look like.

Social Sciences


Children & Teenagers
Do Research: Under Buzz Lightyear’s arm cover it says “Made in Taiwan.” Where is Taiwan? How might the exportation of Buzz Lightyear to America to be purchased by Andy’s friend have contributed in a small way to Taiwan’s economy? Why might it be that toys are imported from Taiwan instead of being manufactured in your home? These questions provide a natural segue into learning about the Four Asian Tigers and how Taiwan became one of them.


Children & Teenagers
Woody is a classic cowboy toy popularized in the United States because of its wild west history. To gain greater familiarity with that deeply-rooted part of American culture do one or more of the following:

  • listen to a classic country singer like Hank Williams
  • watch a western film like John Wayne’s True Grit
  • read a Wild West novel like Little House on the Prairie
  • play the retro game Oregon Trail



Create a Teachable Moment. Acceptance: Look at how much happier all the toys were than Woody with Buzz Lightyear’s arrival. Woody was overcome with jealousy and he was just plain miserable. Being consumed with jealousy lead Woody to make a complete fool of himself, lose the trust of everyone, and disappoint all his friends. In the end it’s much easier to make a new friend than to deal with an enemy.

Create a Teachable Moment. Friendship: Woody and Buzz only get more lost and more in trouble while working against each other. It’s when they start to lift each other up out of depression and form a friendship that they’re able to restore purpose in each other’s lives and return home to their friends.

How else might important subject matter be learned from this interest topic? Comment below! Half-baked ideas are more than welcome, too.