Updated On: February 4, 2020


Reading Skills

Read: Read extraordinarily popular books such as *Island of the Blue Dolphins or *Life of Pi.

Read: For kids in their early childhood, read a highly-rated National Geographic book about the ocean like Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean or Ultimate Oceanopedia: The Most Complete Ocean Reference Ever

Play: For toddlers needing an activity book, consider Ocean Animals Sticker Activity Book.


Read: Read poetry about the beach or ocean like Poems of the Sea and consider writing your own poems.

Read: Read Moby Dick – one of the most noteworthy works of literature of all time.


Calculate: Calculate time to sail (or swim etc) across different distances.

Atmospheric Science

Do Research: Investigate the impact of the ocean in the weather systems (Gulf Stream, temperature regulation, etc).

Search: What are trade winds? See results on Google or DuckDuckGo.

Earth Science

Compare: Compare two global locations with either the same latitude, longitude, or altitude, or being by water or inland.

Search: How does mercury get into the ocean food supply? See Google or DuckDuckGo results.

How are each of the ocean zones different and how is this related to the amount of light each receives?

Teach Passively: Explain how water warms and rises at the equator and cools and sinks in the north and south.

Teach Passively: Explain how water temperature is seen in the ocean currents which drive trade winds, etc.


Teach Passively / Search: How does the sun drive the food web? If you need to find out, yourself, search Google or DuckDuckGo.

Read: Read The Soul of an Octopus. Synopsis: “Scientists have only recently accepted the intelligence of dogs, birds, and chimpanzees but now are watching octopuses solve problems and are trying to decipher the meaning of the animal’s color-changing techniques. With her “joyful passion for these intelligent and fascinating creatures” (Library Journal Editors’ Spring Pick), Montgomery chronicles the growing appreciation of this mollusk as she tells a unique love story…”


Watch: Investigate how the ocean was historically used for travel and trade and investigate how technology has changed this over time/compare to modern times. There are several YouTube videos to watch on this topic.

Mechanical Engineering

Create: Investigate how sail boats work and build your own miniature sail boat. See Google for results.


Follow Instructions: Choose a step-by-step illustration tutorial of your liking among many pages of sea-related things here.

How else might important subject matter be learned from this interest topic? Comment below! Half-baked ideas are more than welcome, too.