Updated On: May 4, 2020

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Art & Design


Children & Teenagers
Explore: Take in the enormity and majesty of the Anglican Church’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in London with this 360 degree virtual tour produced by the BBC. It is the second largest church in the United Kingdom and was the tallest building in London until 1967.

Careers & Life Missions

Children & Teenagers
Watch: Have you ever considered being a helicopter pilot? Have you looked into what it takes to become one? Learn in this six minute Wired video about the three months of training Tom Cruise needed to do before being able to fly and perform a “cork screw” dive as he did in the movie.

Engineering & Technology

Children & Teenagers
Read: To understand the difference between a hydrogen bomb versus an atomic bomb, see the explanation given by Live Science.

Physical Education

Children & Teenagers
Read / Watch: Three of the five most dangerous stunts Tom Cruise has ever pulled off were done at age 56 in the filming of Fallout. See summaries of the physical feats he accomplished in his New York Times article.


Atmospheric Science

Children & Teenagers
Teach: When you spend time at over 25,000-foot altitudes you develop hypoxia, which is a general bodily sickness due to insufficient oxygen. People get the bends – which are bubbles in their blood stream – or they lose their minds without even realizing it under this condition. The filmmakers of Fallout needed to create a special helmet for the skydiving scene so that the actors wouldn’t get this sickness.


Children & Teenagers
Watch: Plutonium is regarded to be the world’s most dangerous element. Learn more about it on Periodic Videos.

Social Sciences

Civics & Government Studies

Children & Teenagers
Watch: A “HALO” operation stands for high altitude / low open, which is short for referring to skydiving at an altitude so high that people do not see the plane from the ground and opening the parachute so low to the ground that people on the ground won’t notice the skydiver falling from the sky. It is the most dangerous kind of skydiving and only done when countries need someone to infiltrate a country unnoticed. Tom Cruise performed the first HALO jump on film for a movie. This scene required over 100 practice jumps to get right. To see behind the scenes, watch this video.


Children & Teenagers
Explore / Read: Explore the second longest non-polar glacier in the world on Google Earth and read up on Siachen Glacier on Wikipedia. This glacier’s drainage “feeds the largest irrigation system in the world” and benefits a third of the world’s population in India, Pakistan, and China.

Philosophy & Logic

Children & Teenagers
Discuss: If you met someone who was going to justify their evil actions toward other people with the belief that “the greater the suffering, the greater the peace,” how would you respond? What is behind this logic?


Life Lessons

Children & Teenagers
Create a Teachable Moment: When asked about how he was going to solve huge problems, Ethan Hunt continually answered, “I’ll figure it out.” This is what it looks like to take on your problems head on and in order not to let life beat you down, you must be willing to act this way.