Updated On: April 18, 2020



Create a Teachable Moment: Jealousy is never worth it. When Loki’s brother, Thor, is crowned king Loki turns against his people and only allows his jealousy and resentment to brew within him. He turned into a monster so evil he was willing even to destroy planet earth for his own aims.

Create a Teachable Moment: Lies always catch up to you in one way or another. In the first Thor movie, Loki told different lies to Thor, Thor’s warrior companions, the people of Asgard, and more people. Eventually this turned everyone on the planet he grew up against him. Maintaining the illusion of a lie requires telling more lies. Eventually the lies catch up to you and do damage near-impossible to repair. Most liars cannot confront the challenge of straightening out their dilemma, and so, go deeper into their evil ways.

Create a Teachable Moment: Your best friend is your own conscience. If you let jealousy or ego drown out your conscience, you will compromise your conscience and do things you don’t want to. After getting used to this, you will be willing to go to greater depths of evil (and misery). In the movie Thor, at the risk of Thor finding out his plot to Kingship over Asgard, he tried to kill him on earth with the Destroyer. Later (Thor: The Dark World), while in his cell on Asgard, he helps Malekith and his forces which results in the death of his own thoroughly-good, adoptive mother. Loki’s alliance with the darkest forces of the universe only strengthens with his every evil dead.

Create a Teachable Moment: Being against evil alone is not virtuous, and turning against evil alone will not make your wrongs right. Standing for good is the only true virtue and restitution is the way to right your wrongs. As the god of mischief, Loki enjoys psychological tactics of breaking down, dividing, and turning forces for good against each other. This behavior never amounts to the favor of those who engage in it. People attract their own kind. In the end, even turning against his evil master isn’t good enough for Loki. (Spoiler alert) Thanos ends his life.


Read: Interest in Loki (or anyone from Asgard) is a natural segue into Norse Mythology. Consider reading Norse Mythology or The Viking Spirit.

Read: Literature and mythology utilize archetypes to surface unconscious and psychological effects in the reader. Loki’s horns carry meaning. Reference horned deity in mythology around the world and consider what horns are used for in the animal kingdom. Why do you think Loki was given horns in the writing of this story or in Norse Mythology?


Dress up like Loki for halloween, a cosplay event, a homemade film, or just to enjoy The Avengers in the theater that much more :). Consider inspiration available online for how to do it.


Follow Instructions: Draw Loki. Reference these illustration tutorials to do that very thing!