Updated On: June 19, 2020

Lego Batman

Note: Reference the Batman page for all Batman-specific learning ideas.

Art & Design

Cultural Literacy

Children & Teenagers
Evaluate & Explore: Lego Batman references several iconic stories that have had long-lasting cultural influence. Noteworthy examples include King Kong, Lord of the Rings, and the Wizard of Oz. Evaluate which ones you think will be important for your learner’s cultural awareness and explore them together.

Children & Teenagers
Listen: In the beginning of the movie, a Michael Jackson quote from his hit, “Man in the Mirror,” appears. “If you wanna make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself and then make a change.” If you’re not familiar with this timeless classic, have a listen.

Children & Teenagers
Watch: Batman makes the joke, “We’re gonna hit these guys so hard that words describing the intensity of the impact will spontaneously form in mid-air!” To get a glimpse into the origin of this idea and pop culture of the 1960s, watch the original Batman TV series. This series that still receives attention and references in cartoons and movies to this day.


Children & Teenagers
Follow Instructions & Film: Film a simple stop motion video of your own using a standard smart phone. Here’s how to do it.

Children & Teenagers
Watch: Learn about stop motion film making, its history and how it works, and how it has evolved to today’s incredible amount of craftsmanship.


All Ages
Follow Instructions: Choose one of multiple illustration tutorials of Lego Batman characters and practice your skills.

Language & Thinking

Reading Literature

Children & Teenagers
Read: Read Batman’s Guide to Being Cool. Synopsis: “Are you ready to stalk the night, fight crime, defeat your greatest enemy, and find a crime fighting partner who is almost as awesome as you are? Are you ready to do something cool? If you answered ‘yes,’ then this is the guide for you! Discover your inner cool with help from Batman(TM), the coolest super hero in all of Gotham City and, yes, the universe.”

Writing Fiction

Children & Teenagers
Read & Write a Short Story: Read Master Class’s tips on how to write a comedy script and write a script of your own for a lego themed movie.

Physical Education

Follow Instructions: Lego Batman had a nine pack, because he’s more awesome than the rest of us. However, achieving an eight pack is extremely rare and an undeniably great achievement. If you don’t make it, you may still earn a six pack, which is still very noteworthy. Here are instructions for how to achieve that.


Life Lessons

Children & Teenagers
Teach: Lego Batman said, “sometimes losing people is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you stop letting them in.” He had to learn this lesson the hard way since he witnessed his parents victimhood to a criminal. Albert hit the nail on the head when he labeled Batman’s fear as “being part of a family again.” Luckily Lego Batman had Albert, Barbara, and Robin tirelessly work to earn his trust and teach him this lesson. Bruce Wayne’s life turned out happier than it ever had been after letting himself get close to people again.