Updated On: February 1, 2020

How to Introduce a Book to a Learner

The first thing to consider before introducing a book to your learner is to think about whether they have a sufficient level of interest in some aspect of this book. If you’re trying to help them realize that they do like to read, then it’s important you choose a book that will convince them of this. Additionally, you want to make sure that they will listen to your future book recommendations, because if you have too much of a losing record for introducing books to your learner then you will be undermining your intended outcome of igniting a lifelong commitment to reading.

If you believe you’ve chosen a book that will interest them in some way, then consider the different ways below for introducing it to them.

Casual Recommendation

In most cases, this will be sufficient for a book that the learner is already interested in. Just bring up the book with them and tell them a bit about why you thought it would be of interest to them.

Reading Time

If you are introducing a book in a read aloud context, here are five effective ways you can prepare the learner to listen intently during your reading session.

Leave a Hint

If you really think a particular book would be helpful to them or you think they would enjoy it more than they expect, you can leave the book in an area where they would likely notice it. Be honest with your motives, though. If you choose this tactic in any degree of passive aggression, your learner will be less likely to listen to you or trust your motives afterward.

Special Gift

If you want to give a book in a very special way that will increase the learner’s appreciation for it and eagerness to read it, here are 14 innovative ways you can gift wrap the book. You could also watch this 6 minute video tutorial by a gift wrapping style expert.

What other unique and effective ways are there for introducing a book to a learner? Comment below. For other tools that you can use with your kid(s), see How to Be a Master Learning Guide.