How to Be a Master Learning Guide

It’s not necessarily education credentials that make the best learning guides. Even an average parent can become a master learning guide and keep their kid(s) in a continuous flow of learning by:

  1. using the learner’s interests to frame subject matter
  2. cultivating a love of reading
  3. build and hone your learning tool box so that you always have the right tool for the right learning context

Your effort here will improve the feeling of your home and enrich your family relationships.


Interest pages are filled with learning ideas that are relevant to the topics of the pages. Given that learners can only experience flow when engaging with their interests, an interest page is the best place to start.

Love of Reading

How to Raise a Reader is a key resource for understanding how to do this and listed in the interest pages are great, relevant books. Keep in mind the various ways to introduce a book for optimal outcomes. As your learner becomes progressively open to reading, keep in mind these particularly noteworthy and great books:

  1. The Most Noteworthy Books of All Time
  2. The Best Children’s Books
  3. Babies and Toddlers Book List
  4. Early Childhood Book List
  5. Late Childhood Book List
  6. Teenagers Book List

Learning Tool Box

Under development. Every mastered learning and guide tool that you pull from your tool box to guide your kids’ learning will help change the trajectory of their lives. You are showing them how to create, think, and problem solve. All learning ideas throughout the interest pages consist of one learner tool and / or guide tool.



What learning methods are missing from this list? Help the community and comment below!