Updated On: April 22, 2020


Art & Design

Cultural Literacy

Children & Teenagers
Read: Read Black Beauty. It is one of the most noteworthy books of all time. Description: “With fifty million copies sold, Black Beauty is one of the best-selling books of all time. While forthrightly teaching animal welfare, it also teaches how to treat people with kindness, sympathy, and respect.”


Children & Teenagers
Follow Instructions: Follow a step-by-step tutorial on illustrating a horse here.

Graphic Design

Children & Teenagers
Design: Introduce graphic design in order to animate a galloping horse.

Sculpting & 3D Art

Children & Teenagers
Sculpt: Provide modeling clay to create a sculpture of a horse.



Children & Teenagers
Research: Use a horse’s diet to learn about calories, fat, vitamins, and nutrition.

Language & Thinking

Writing Fiction

Children & Teenagers
Write a Short Story: Write a short story about a horse in a different epoch of world history.

Writing Nonfiction

Write an Article: Submit an article to a horse-related magazine.


Calculate the amount of time it would take a horse to travel various distances.

Measurements & Data

Make a Chart: Compile population estimates of horses in different countries and chart them over time.

Teach: Use a horse’s body to introduce concepts like mass, volume, and density.


Toddlers & Children
Role-Play: Encourage roleplaying by providing broomstick horses, costumes, and other props.



Discuss: Discuss mating, reproduction, and nature vs. nurture.

Children & Teenagers
Read: Read books on horse behavior or how to raise one. The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book is regarded by many to be the best.

Children & Teenagers
Research: Study hereditary genetics and differences between various horse breeds.

Children & Teenagers
Use a Microscope: Teach about pigment and compare horse hair to human hair using a microscope.

Social Sciences


Children & Teenagers
Analyze: Analyze socio-economic changes that affected what classes of people could afford a horse.

Children & Teenagers
Research: Learn about Genghis Khan and his horse-mounted warriors and archers and the global impact they had in their time.

Children & Teenagers
Research: Learn about world events through the perspective of the horses being used to pull carriages, fight in battles, etc. Find out which breeds were preferred by which groups of people and for what purpose.

Children & Teenagers
Teach: Introduce historical figures who used horses.

World Cultures

Children & Teenagers
Show and Tell: Listen to traditional Mongolian nomad music which often incorporates horse sounds and is played on a Mongolian guitar instrument which often has a carved horse head on the head of the guitar. Explain the origins of this horse theme – this music comes from horse-riding nomads in Mongolia.

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