Updated On: December 14, 2020


Art & Design

Children & Teenagers
Design: Design the best cache you can and factor in the psychology principles of camouflage. Learn how via Google or DuckDuckGo.

Engineering & Technology

Children & Teenagers
What are satellites? How does satellite technology work? The Learn Engineering channel explains that here. How do our phones work with satellites while we’re geocaching? What is a GPS? That is explained in this video.

Nature Appreciation

Create a Teachable Moment. Observe the surroundings of the geocache. What can you appreciate about the scenery and nature? Enjoy the journey, too, not just the destination. Enjoy the serenity of nature.

Children & Teenagers
Research / Discuss: Look into the decomposition rates of certain materials… If no one found this wooden, plastic, cardboard, etc. box, how long would it stay here intact? This could extend to discussions about landfills, waste concerns, etc if interested.


Learn about latitude, longitude, and the coordinate grid.

Social Sciences


Children & Teenagers
Research: We can explore the history of the areas where we go geocaching in. The things we pass along the way (perhaps historic landmarks, names of locations/streets given) and geocaches found. There is so much we can learn about history of the areas we go – no matter where in the world.

World Cultures

Children & Teenagers
Research: Research gift economies (Google, DuckDuckGo, YouTube).



Toddlers & Children
Create a Teachable Moment. Consideration: Consider the assortment of items in the geocache box. Is it fair to replace a higher quality item with a low quality item? How would you feel if all your choices were low quality? How happy can we make the next visitor of the geocache with the item we choose to leave behind?