Updated On: April 22, 2020


Family Connections

Perform: Perform an interpretative dance that represents the personality of each person in the family.

Language & Thinking

Writing Fiction

Write a Short Story: Create a series of fictional short stories about a protagonist who uses professional dancing as a cover for their secret spy activities.

Writing Nonfiction

Editorialize: Write a letter to the editor about the cultural importance of dancing and submit it to your local newspaper.

Leadership & Entrepreneurism

Organize a Competition: Organize a dance competition for friends and neighbors.

Teach: Start an online video course teaching others how to dance.



Abstract: Use dancing stick figures in place of variables in algebra formulas.

Geometry & Trigonometry

Choreograph: Choreograph a dance using geometric shapes.

Teach about angles or trigonometry using dance positions with extended arms or legs.


Use the motions of dance to discuss angular momentum, gravity, force, and related concepts.

Take a Course: Look into dance science programs that teach physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, and similar fields of study.

Social Sciences


Research: Research popular dances from different countries, practice them, and learn about the symbolism in the dances.

Research: Research cultures that have historically prohibited dancing.

Research: Study artifacts showing how ancient civilizations viewed dancing.


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