Updated On: April 21, 2020

Captain America

Art & Design

Children and Teens
Follow Instructions: Draw Captain America. See this drawing tutorial on the very thing here.

Children and Teens
Dress up like Captain America for halloween, a cosplay event, a homemade film, or just to enjoy The Avengers in the theater that much more. Consider inspiration available online for how to do it.

Leadership & Entrepreneurism

Children and Teens
Create a teachable moment. Despite being a genetically-enhanced human being and super-soldier and -athlete, Steve Rogers’s main super power is the ability to unite people with any degree of goodness to a higher cause. He does this by possessing a rare degree of integrity, competence, and completely clean history of loyalty to his teammates. This is why he is people’s choice of a leader when it is in question who to follow. And when individuals choose not to follow him, their error eventually presents itself to them.

Social Sciences

Civics & Government Studies

Children and Teens
Captain America is a symbol of what America traditionally stood for. Militarily, the greatest offense is a strong defense. The primary purpose of Captain America’s weapon is defensive. The founding fathers of the United States of America put in place a system of checks and balances and presidential limitations so that no wars would be fought except through a congressional vote. After Steve Rogers wakes up from decades of sleep under ice, he wakes up in an America that does not look like the one he knew, but the spirit of what America originally stood for lives on through him.


Children and Teens
Read: Captain America became a super hero during World War 2. A great book to get an overview of this world war is World War II: The Definitive Visual History from Blitzkrieg to the Atom Bomb, “a comprehensive, authoritative, yet accessible guide to the people, politics, events, and lasting effects of World War II.”

Watch: While the medical experiment performed on the Steve Rogers requires the audience to suspend disbelief, the concept was not made up by Stan Lee (writer of The Avengers). During World War 2, Nazi scientists performed medical experiments on people for their eugenic aims. Here is a documentary about it.



Children and Teens
Create a teachable moment. Courage: In The Avengers: Civil War, Tony Stark is burdened by fear, ignores principle, and allows himself to be convinced to sign the Sakovia accords. Despite abundant evidence that the very governmental bodies he resigns his freedom to are power-hungry and not trustworthy, he gives in to fear. Fear is the most powerful force to warp our perceptions of what is right. In the end, he sees Captain America and his loyal followers were right not to sign. Despite all of the technology and brilliance of Tony Stark, this is why Captain America proves himself to be leader of The Avengers.

Children and Teens
Create a teachable moment. Loyalty: At the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers (Captain America’s real name) was willing to show his friend Bucky (the “Winter Soldier”) that he really meant he was “with [him] ’til the end” and had no intention of killing him. Confused from his brainwashings and forgetfulness of his past, this got through to him. Spoiler alert: Bucky saved Captain America’s life and left. Later, Bucky was brainwashed again, forgetting everything Steve Rogers had done for him. Despite the entire world believing James Barnes (the “Winter Soldier”) was the one who bombed the UN and killed King of Wakanda, Captain America knew Hydra had framed him and did not fear the consequences of doing what was right – rescuing the Winter Soldier despite it appearing to everyone that Captain America was enabling a terrorist.

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