Updated On: April 23, 2020


Art & Design


All Ages
Follow Instructions: Follow one of multiple step-by-step tutorials here on illustrating a beach.

Language & Thinking


Children & Teenagers
Read: Read poetry about the beach or ocean like Poems of the Sea.


Children & Teenagers
Investigate: Using seashells to investigate the Fibonacci sequence.

Children & Teenagers
Investigate: Use grains of sand or numbers of plankton to investigate very large numbers.

Nature Appreciation

Children & Teenagers
Research: What are microplastics and what can we do about them? (Google, DuckDuckGo)

Children & Teenagers
Research: What are dead zones and what can we do about them? (Google, DuckDuckGo)

Children & Teenagers
Research: What is the impact of beach tourism on the environment and what can we do about it? (Google, DuckDuckGo)



Children & Teenagers
Investigate: Density is related to temperature and salinity. Make various salt water solutions differing in temperature and salt levels and see the differences of floatation that objects have in each water solution.

Children & Teenagers
Teach: Tides rise and fall most visibly on the coast and happen every day. They happen due to the gravitational pulls of both the sun and the moon. What would you guess causes larger tides and why? The moon, because even though it’s comparatively tiny it’s much closer.

Children & Teenagers
Teach: Winds blowing on the ocean push the water. While wind seems insignificant compared to water, winds can blow long distances and move water to the formation of considerable waves on the beach. Large storms can cause big and powerful waves thousands of miles away.