Updated On: June 19, 2020


Life & Home Skills

Personal Development

Children & Teenagers
Create a Teachable Moment: It’s ok if things don’t turn out perfectly. Little mistakes blow over. Bad mistakes pass with time. Sometimes accidents even result in outcomes better than the planned ones.

Children & Teenagers
Create a Teachable Moment: Some risks are worth taking. Experiment freely within bounds where you can afford to make mistakes, because it might lead to important discoveries.

Leadership & Entrepreneurism

Children & Teenagers
Calculate: Create a hypothetical (or real) business plan complete with costs, time estimates, and more. For how much do you have to sell the baked goods to make a reasonable profit? What will your hourly rate for employees be? How much will ingredients costs, etc. Explore your area to find farmers markets and other places to possibly sell the goods and investigate what a “cottage business” or “cottage industry” is.



Children & Teenagers
Calculate: Learn about economies of scale. Calculate the per serving price of a baked good using the smallest and largest quantity you can buy of ingredients.

Calculate: Explore multiplying and dividing as you scale a recipe up and down.

Children & Teenagers
Chart: Make different baked groups and present them to a crowd such as at a family or social gathering. Tally the tasters’ preferences and then analyze that data sets. Chart the percentages and ratios from the results.


Children & Teenagers
Take a Course: Take the free online Science of Baking class from Instructables. It’s project-based and will deepen your kid’s appreciation of baking and interest in science.

Biology & Human Body

Children & Teenagers
Watch: Learn about the use of microorganisms in baking. This can be expanded to other types of cookies, to cheese making, fermentation, etc. Here is a TED-Ed video and Science of Bread Making article.


Children & Teenagers
Discover: Discover insights about the foods you eat from what the American Chemical Society has put together in the chemistry of baking.


Volunteering & Service

Children & Teenagers
Serve: Consider the people you know in your family, neighborhood, or other community. Who do you know that could use a personal boost or a reminder that they matter? Make extra baked goods for them.