Updated On: February 5, 2020

Winter Soldier


Watch: To learn more about the state of robotic limb technology and how it works, reference these videos on YouTube.


Watch: While the medical experiments performed on the Winter Soldier requires the audience to suspend disbelief a bit, the concept was not made up by Stan Lee (writer of The Avengers). During World War 2, Nazi scientists performed medical experiments on people for their eugenic aims. Here is a documentary about it.


Watch: After James Barnes’ mind was freed by Steve Rogers proving his friendship to him, he laid low for a while to collect evidence about his past and discover who he really is. This brought him to Romania where his elite combat unit from World War II fought. It was while in hiding that the bomb went off in the UN and he was framed for having done it. Steve Rogers joined him in his Romanian hideout and protected him here. Where is Romania? Here is a 20 minute overview of Romania by Geography Now.

International Relations

Cold war and post cold-war geopolitical tension between Russia and America plays a major theme in action film. Which action film series does not tie this theme into their story line? (This is a rhetorical question.) The important question is: from where does this conflict arise?


Read: To understand how brainwashing actually works and to get a brief history of which regimes have done this to their soldiers, you can read about it in this How Stuff Works article.


Create: Create a Winter Soldier arm for a cosplay costume. Video tutorial here.


Follow Instructions: Follow this step-by-step illustration tutorial of the Winter Soldier.


If you have aspirations of becoming an astronaut, Russian might be the foreign language for you to learn. The official languages of the International Space Station are English and Russian due to Russia’s historic focus on astronautics.

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