Updated On: April 23, 2020

New Year’s

Life & Home Skills


Children & Teenagers
Decorate: Bake cookies, a cake, or any other New Year’s dessert and be creative the new year’s theme – like decorating them with fireworks, confetti, etc.

Personal Development

Children & Teenagers
Create: Create a time capsule. This is a container (jar, box) of items you set aside for your future self. It could be trinkets, items of personal meaning, a letter, etc that you will open in 5, 10, or more years. It could be a great way to ensure you remind yourself of important ideas, hold your future self accountable, etc. Doing this will likely be a very meaningful experience for you. Consider having a family member hide or bury it for you so that you do not have the temptation to peak before your intended future date of opening.

Children & Teenagers
Create a Teachable Moment: To live the best life you can requires personal goals. There’s no way around it. People have found that the start of a new calendar year is the best time to evaluate your life and set new sights. What do you want to accomplish this upcoming year? What intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, financial goals do you have? Some tips: write them down or else you’ll forget them, don’t set more than you can mentally keep track of, don’t be unrealistic, and don’t underwhelm yourself either.

Children & Teenagers
Write a Letter: Write a letter to your future self. Record memories from today that you want to make sure your future self does not forget. Write a vision you have for your life or bucket list items that you want to hold your future self accountable to in order to ensure you live the best life that you can. You can put this letter in a time capsule for yourself to open at a future date. (See time capsule idea under Creativity section below.)


Astronomy & Space Science

Children & Teenagers
Read: Lunar calendars base time around the monthly cycles of the Moon’s phases, which last about 29.5 days. There are eight phases of the moon. Read about them and other interesting facts about the moon in this Science Trends article.

Social Sciences


Children & Teenagers
Read: The New Year’s date that most people recognize for their New Year’s celebration is based on the western calendar, which is oriented around the birth of Jesus Christ. Read Luke 2 from the bible or another account of Jesus Christ’s nativity.

World Cultures

Children & Teenagers
Read / Watch: Learn about the various ways people around the world celebrate New Year’s that are based on the lunar calendar:

All Ages
Watch: Watch a live stream of people in other parts of the world celebrating New Year’s at different time zones and learn what you can with the resources you have about those other countries and cultures.



Children & Teenagers
Read / Watch: Learn about the ways people of various religions world celebrate New Year’s that are based on the lunar calendar:

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